Total Duration
6 Month Course +
3 Month Internship
Software Trained

Nuke, 3D Equalizer, Autodesk Maya


Matchmove process in visual effects involves tracking the movement of a camera and recreating that movement in a 3D virtual space.

In this nine month program, students will be taught the fundamentals of camera, lens selection, movement, camera tracking, and object tracking with real-world examples and hands-on training. 

Plus, we shall delve deep into rotomation, which involves tracking the movement of the object or camera in a footage and then replicating that movement in the 3D space. This allows Matchmove artists to seamlessly integrate live-action and CGI elements, resulting in more engaging and true-to-life visual effects.

In this program, students are specialized in software such as Nuke, 3D Equalizer, and Autodesk Maya.  

Since Matchmove artists should possess the ability to replicate camera movements and scene environments, the mentors at iGene school of VFX technology train students with a solid understanding of cinematography and film language, attention to detail, and problem-solving skills.


Time: Mon to Sat

Duration: 5 hours

Batch: Morning or Afternoon

Language: English & Tamil

Practice Time: Flexible

Internship: 3 months

Placement Assistance: Yes


  • Knowledge about Cameras and Lens
  • Walk Along with Your Dream Characters/Scenes Live
  • Tracking Concepts from Basics to Core
  • Preparing/Planning for VFX Shot (In Production)
  • Tackling Different Camera Movements and Angles
  • Bring the Fairies and Make Them Sit in Your Footage
  • Professionals Visit to Enrich the Skill
  • Periodic Evaluations and Assessments
  • Independent Showreel Creation Assistance

iGene’s Matchmove Program Speciality

Comprehensive curriculum on Matchmove artistry
Skills trained in technical and artistic aspects of film-making
Understanding of camera tracking and motion capture
Independent access to tools and software
Proficiently replicating camera movements and conducting 3D tracing of characters or objects using Rotomation
Ability to match camera movements accurately
Strong understanding of VFX production workflows
Importance of teamwork, communication, and time management
Plus, lots of fun-filled activities along the way

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