Total Duration
3 Month Course +
3 Month Internship
Software Trained

Nuke, Silhouette FX


Roto or Rotoscopy is a visual effects technique used in films and animations to isolate and extract elements from live-action footage.

In this six month program, students will be taught how to trace over each frame of footage using software such as Nuke and Silhouette FX to create a mask or matte of the object or character to be extracted. They will also be trained to manipulate or replace the background, add or remove objects, or composite multiple layers of footage together seamlessly.

Since Rotoscopy is a labor-intensive process, the mentors at iGene school of VFX technology train students using storytelling methods, group activities, and the importance of the Roto shots in the VFX production pipeline.


Time: Mon to Sat

Duration: 5 hours

Batch: Morning or Afternoon

Language: English & Tamil

Practice Time: Flexible

Internship: 3 months

Placement Assistance: Yes


  • Basic Roto Principles
  • Understanding the VFX Pipeline
  • How to Approach a Shot
  • Extensive Knowledge of Tools and Techniques
  • Edge Consistency
  • Handling Multiple Layers in a Shot
  • Periodic Evaluations
  • VFX Roto Seminars and Workshops
  • Superior Showreel Creation Assistance

iGene’s Roto Program Speciality

Comprehensive curriculum on Roto artistry
Extensive understanding of 2D and 3D tracking
Creating alpha channels & fine tune animations
Light theory, anatomy and lighting fundamentals for an enlightened mindset
Classes on lighting, anatomy, and light theory
Ability to handle complex shots with heavy motion blur, defocus, hair, fur, and layers
Strong understanding of VFX production workflows
Importance of teamwork, communication, and time management
Plus, lots of fun-filled activities along the way

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